Any idea what these are?

I picked up these two coaches for a pound each in my local model shop with a view to repainting and detailing them into light railway, tramway-style coaches.

IMG_0752I have no idea who the manufacturer is – there’s none shown anywhere on either of the carriages. I’m guessing they were originally part of some cheapo toy train set. The wheels barely stay on the rails, suggesting to me that they were designed for use with rather cruder track than I use (and my track’s pretty crude to begin with). The couplings are also very basic peg-and-hole type things.IMG_0754

Possibly they’re a lost cause – I’ll probably have to replace the bogies and couplings at the very least. Still, I rather like them. I could definitely see them as part of a Colonel Stephens-style train. Some ancient 0-6-0 at the front, a box van or two, one of these and a brake van. Marvellous stuff.


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